Watches Have Long Been Crazy About Their Straps. What Are You Waiting For?

Everyone will change the trick, and each one is clever. Watch wear style is also, some people wear clothes, occasions, some people specifically choose blue, green, yellow, red and other bright color styles, are all ways to show their own aesthetic and personality. But recently another wave of new fun watches has emerged: renewing the watch with a strap. In recent years, the rise of sports and the retro trend, many brands have launched these two styles of watches in their entry series, or a retro sports watch combining the two, because everyone thinks that the watch is no longer so Serious, it is no longer only a ‘treasure’ that is usually put on the shelf and occasionally taken out on major occasions, but transformed into a jewelry that reflects self style and personality in daily wear, but must also satisfy users’ daily wear Performance requirements, so the design is more versatile than formal watches, sports watches and replica watches have become the new favorite of consumers. Since you want to be versatile and have your own personality, you ca n’t make any changes to the watch you have already bought (unless you have to spend a lot of money to modify it, but remember that the original warranty is also invalid after the modification), then the fastest way is of course It’s about thinking about the strap. In order to provide more styling changes, most of the brands that have launched retro and sports watches in recent years are very generous buy one get one free. In addition to the original strap (steel belt or belt), a NATO fabric strap is included to meet different styles. And the diversity of occasions to wear. The replacement of various strap styles has been a “mini-game” for many years. In fact, there are a lot of people who are keen to play with the strap on Ins. It is like wearing a watch everyday when replacing the strap. Take it, not only with the seasons, but also with your favorite strap, you can wear a new look for the watch, and sometimes you will have the joy of wearing a new watch. In my personal choice, a leather strap or a NATO strap is the easiest and most abundant choice. There are thousands of choices for the combination of colors, styles, materials and even details to the color of stitching. Definitely can satisfy your playful heart, as long as you are willing to try boldly, you can match it with your own style. However, if it is to be replaced with a steel belt, there are relatively few options. The five- or three-section chain belt design is common in the market. The design and changes are similar. The obvious differences are in the details of polishing and buckle You can adjust the length or wear it. If you are still used to wearing a stainless steel strap, but you want to wear a special style, then Milan steel belt is a great choice. (left): Certina DS-1 Himalayan series 80-hour long-powered watch, (right): Certina DS PH200M replica watch, a strap made of hard metal in woven form, Called the Milanese strap (milanese or Mesh strap), it was born in the 1960s. Because it was extremely expensive to manufacture, it was mostly used for precious gold watches at that time. The reason for the high price is that in order to achieve the soft effect of conforming to the wrist, the bracelet is composed of many small parts interlaced with each other. Since the processing technology at that time was not mature today, the difficulty of its production can be imagined. And with the return of the retro trend, this kind of strap that once faded out of the market has returned to the public’s vision, and it has become a fashion representative of this trend of steel belt styles. With the return of the retro trend, the Milan stainless steel strap that once faded out of the market and returned to the public’s vision, has become a fashion representative of this trend in the steel belt style. I have previously recommended a hard-to-find Certina DS PH200m replica watch, and launched a new model equipped with a stainless steel Milan strap (previously with a brown leather strap) less than a year after its launch. The custom also presented a gray-blue NATO woven strap, the same watch, showing two distinct styles under the setting of two different straps. The belt section exudes a youthful sense of handsomeness, while the stainless steel Milan belt uses delicate metal weaving patterns and polishing to show the exquisite texture of elegant men. The same thing is that both still maintain the original Fashion retro style. Certina DS PH200m replica watch Milan steel strap and leather strap each show a different retro look. On the details of this Milanese stainless steel strap, you can see the brand’s requirements for details. All parts constituting the main body of the strap are polished and polished, and there are detachable links at the butterfly chain where the bracelet is connected. Adjust with the wrist of the wearer. After being worn in person, the softness of the strap and the affinity with the skin can be said to be extremely comfortable. The combination with the watch itself also makes the DS PH200m replica watch present a completely different feeling. In addition, the strap is a quick-release type structure. With the help of a small button on the ear, the strap can be replaced without any tools, and the convenience is one level higher. For those who like to play with the strap style , Can be said to be the perfect match. In terms of performance, the DS PH200M still maintains its solid and powerful functions. The movement is equipped with a Powermatc 80 movement with up to 80 hours of dynamic storage. Even if the watch is left for two or three days, it still runs as usual. It is also one of the basic conditions necessary for modern movements. The DS in the model name is Certina’s original Double Security double insurance system in 1959. With the movement’s shock-resistant suspension system, strengthened case, sapphire crystal glass, special crown and case back The structure of the watch enhances the water resistance and shock resistance of the watch, and is also a major contributor to its water resistance of 200 meters. And with a Milanese steel bracelet with a higher texture, this watch still maintains the same price of 5,750 yuan as the belt model. The brand’s full sincerity can be said to be moving. tears. Certina DS PH200m replica watch, stainless steel / diameter 42.8mm / Powermatic 80 automatic movement / reservoir 80 hours, hours, minutes, seconds, date display / water resistance 200 meters / stainless steel Milan bracelet, reference price: In addition to the DS PH200m replica watch, Certina has also paired this Milanese stainless steel strap with two other watches, one of which is a simple and elegant DS-1 Himalayan series with 80 hours of power. The watch is also equipped with the Powermatic 80 movement. White sunburst dial with blue hands and silver cone-shaped hour markers. The overall style is more formal, but under the Milan belt, it also reveals a small and fresh retro feel. This watch has a diameter of 40 mm and is priced at 5,600 yuan, with a cigarette attached. The brown quick-release leather strap can be replaced. Certina DS-1 Himalayan 80-hour long-powered watch, stainless steel / 42mm diameter / Powermatic 80 automatic movement / reservoir 80 hours, hours, minutes, seconds, date display / waterproof 100 meters / stainless steel Milan bracelet, Reference price: RMB 5,600 This last watch is a commemorative style Certina Big Date watch launched by the brand for the 60th anniversary of the DS double insurance technology developed by the watch factory. The biggest feature of is its eye-catching The gradual green dial, which is also equipped with a large calendar function, is a rare and bold work of Certina. However, this design style and the Milanese chain are surprisingly amazing. The strong contrasting tones make this watch’s face value very addictive. Not only is the appearance striking, the 80 movement inside is also equipped with the new NivachronTM anti-magnetic balance spring released by the Swatch Group at the beginning of the year, first seen on the Swatch flymagic watch (I was also invited to the Swatch headquarters as the first media to visit the world at that time-), This hairspring is made of a special alloy, which contains a titanium-based component, which has excellent antimagnetic properties and can magnetic The negative effect of the effect is reduced by more than 10 times, and the stability of the movement at extreme temperatures can be improved. In addition, it has better impact resistance than traditional hairsprings and has lower manufacturing costs than silicon hairsprings. Even with this new structure, the price of this watch is still extremely friendly, and the price is 6,950 yuan. Certina Big Date watch, stainless steel / 41mm diameter / Powermatic 80 automatic movement / reservoir 80 hours, hours, minutes, seconds, large calendar display / waterproof 100 meters / stainless steel Milan bracelet, reference price: RMB 6,950 In today’s world, the meaning of wearing a watch has long exceeded the basic function of looking at time. It is more important to show the self-style and the aesthetic requirements of the watch. Aesthetics is extremely subjective. When you choose a beloved watch, but want to avoid the embarrassment of hitting the watch with others, and even want to highlight the distinctiveness of the watch, then boldly try the combination of various straps! The aesthetic practice lies in continuous digging and trying. With a small budget, you can play a new style and new look for your watch, and at the same time enjoy the joy of having a new standard. Why not? How about it? Special thanks / Photography: Summer Hsia Weibo: SUMMER-HSIA