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Sincerity Glashütte Original New 36 Mp Excellence Watch

If you talk about the highlights of the Baselworld 2016, Glashütte’s original Cal. 36 automatic winding movement is definitely an inevitable topic. Not only that, the latest Cal. 36 movement also added a new Glashütte original certification system. The entire watch is tested for 24 days before leaving the factory to meet the stability and running time. And high standards of aesthetics.

   The new Cal.36 movement is currently only available on the Senator Excellence watch series, and only three watches. The material is two steel and one rose gold, and one of the two steel dials uses a large area of ​​luminous material to indicate the time. This is relatively rare in Glashütte original watches. Model: 1-36-01-03 -02-01.

40 mm stainless steel case with clear dial layout

   40 mm stainless steel case, dial design reminiscent of Glashütte’s original classic watch. Black dial and beautifully curved Arabic numerals. In order to maintain the unified integrity of the dial, there is no date display window that every brand is willing to add to the three-pin structure.

Fine case details

   The processing details of the details can be seen at the crown, and the sense of hierarchy is strong. Made of stainless steel with zigzag sides, the crown is polished and engraved with Glashütte’s original double G logo, and the edges are smooth.

Very textured calfskin strap

   The black calfskin strap, with brown hand stitching, has excellent texture and feel, and has a more vicissitudes of life than the alligator strap.

German watchmaking never pursues ultra-thin case, but also pursues solid quality

   The thickness of the case is 10 mm, which can meet the needs of most people for the thickness and quality of the case. Similarly, a 10-mm-thick case has a three-layer structure on the side. The bezel is polished and the side of the case is brushed to a certain extent, which can cover some minor scratches caused by wearing.

Not small lugs

    The micro-arc lugs are also polished in two different ways, front polished and side brushed.

Pin buckle is safer to wear and not easy to fall off

    The double-G logo polished stainless steel pin buckle is more suitable for matching with a calfskin strap than a folding buckle.

The use of a lot of luminous materials makes it easier to read at night
   The black dial with curvilinear Arabic numerals, the white orbiting minute ring on the outside and the 5-minute hour markers are legible. And the large area of ​​Super-LumiNova’s luminous material on the time scale ensures the best legibility even in poorly lit environments.
   The diamond-shaped white gold hands and the arrow-shaped top of the slender seconds hand are coated with Super-LumiNova, which guarantees sharpness in the dark.

New self-made Cal.36 automatic movement

   The new Cal.36 movement is a full application of new technology under the German watchmaking tradition. It basically comes up with the highest configuration currently in the design of automatic movements, a precious metal automatic oscillating weight, a 100-hour power reserve and a card-free silicon clutch. vertical. Adopting the case connection method, the movement is screwed in and the case is locked to ensure stable and reliable fixing, similar to the lens fixing method of SLR cameras.
   The Cal.36 movement uses a single barrel, a central 4-wheel layout, and a fine adjustment balance without screws, while retaining the gooseneck fine adjustment. In terms of hairsprings, it should be from the needs of the group’s internal procurement. Glashütte Original has always used the Swatch Group’s NIVAROX hairspring, which is the 5% of Glashütte original parts’ independent productivity reaching 95%. Nivarox currently has 164 patent applications for silicon escapements. Silicon hairsprings can be manufactured in batches with high precision through the etching method of integrated circuit production, and silicon hairsprings have the characteristics of light density, corrosion resistance, and magnetic resistance.

   In order to let everyone know more about this watch, the watch house also used a professional instrument to conduct a 6-position test on this watch (slightly regrettable that the tested model is not for sale).

The test results of passing WITSCHI Watch Expert III are as follows:

   Summary: Under the premise that the market environment is so bad, Glashütte Original can launch a new self-produced Cal.36 automatic movement, which is full of determination. As for whether it can replace the previous Cal.39 movement, in my opinion, the Cal.36 movement is positioned higher than the Cal.39 movement in all aspects and has excellent hardware quality. Looking forward to its performance after a large number of listings. Domestic price of this watch: 69,500 RMB.