Spring Festival 7 Tianle Sports And Leisure Watch Recommended

The long-awaited Chinese New Year holiday finally arrived on schedule. Everyone has been busy for a year and want to take a good rest during the Chinese New Year holiday, so some people choose to travel, some Some people choose elegant golf outdoor sports, while others choose to sleep at home, and more people go to relatives and friends to build up the family friendship that has been accumulated for one year.

Recommended sports watches for travel-Rolex Explorer II series 216570 black dial watch
 The Rolex Explorer II watch, specially designed for outdoor adventures, is an indispensable assistant for outdoor adventure sports. In 1953, Sir Edmund Hillary and others successfully wore Rolex when they ascended Mount Everest. Explorer series watches, in addition to adapting to a variety of harsh environments, also provides the function to distinguish between day and night, when you are in the dark environment to help you quickly identify day and night.
Reference price: 53100 RMB

Golf outdoor sports —- TAG Heuer professional sports series WAE1113.FT6004 watch
 In 2005, TAG Heuer collaborated with Tiger Woods, then a well-known golf master, to launch a golf watch series. It has been launched with its unique design and has shown an incomparable charm. Its slim and sturdy, meets the physical environment and beauty requirements of first-class golfers.
Reference price: 15500 RMB

Home Casual-NOMOS Tangomat Series 601 Watch
 The simple design of the NOMOS Tangomat automatic 601 dial, dotted with blue hands, reveals a literary style no matter what angle you look at. The slightly beige dial has a special taste, which adds to this watch. The elegant atmosphere of the 38 mm dial and leather strap is simple and rich in texture.
 The NOMOS Tangomat series is available with or without a date display. The prices are 21800 yuan and 26800 yuan, respectively. This price is about 50% higher than the original classic manual winding Tangente watch. The parts inside the watch to ensure accurate timekeeping have almost doubled: from four original frame parts to seven, with 15 new gears and a new winding mechanism consisting of an automatic disc and ball bearings. As a result, Tangomat watches are as good value for money as other NOMOS watches.
Reference price: 21600 RMB

In the end, all the editors of the Watch House will once again wish everyone a happy New Year. I wish you all the best in the Year of the Dragon, the best of luck and peace of mind.

The Olympics Are Here. Every Second Counts. Three Jacquestro Sports Watch Recommendations

From August 5th to 21st this year, the 31st Summer Olympic Games will be held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. In sports events, time awareness is particularly important. Between minutes and seconds, it is not only a battle of victory and defeat, but also a battle of honor. ‘Lost milliseconds and thousands of miles’, accurate timekeeping has been the tireless pursuit of previous Olympic Games, and this is where the brand spirit of Jacques Rodriguez lies. Jacques Dross not only adheres to the innovative development of time display and precise timing functions, but also insists on the deep integration of superb craftsmanship and brand design. Today, on the occasion of the opening of the Olympic Games, our watch home brings you three Jacques Dro sports watches.
Jacques Dross stainless steel sports second hand watch J029020241

Product model: J029020241
Movement type: automatic machinery
Case material: Stainless steel
Strap Material: Crocodile Leather
Dial size: 41 mm
Water resistance: 50 meters
Watch details:
Jacques Dro stainless steel large seconds watch (female) J029020270

Product model: J029020270
Movement type: automatic machinery
Case material: Stainless steel
Strap Material: Crocodile Leather
Dial size: 41 mm
Water resistance: 50 meters
Watch details: SW Chrono J029530202

Product model: J029530202
Movement type: automatic machinery
Case material: Stainless steel
Strap Material: Crocodile Leather
Dial size: 45mm * 13.93mm
Water resistance: 50 meters
Watch details: Chrono’s design is inspired by the large second hand sports series. It is a sports chronograph specifically used for precise timing. Like a modest gentleman. This watch uses stainless steel as the main material. The charcoal grey bezel lines and cutout lugs connect the charcoal grey dial and charcoal grey strap, which is extremely three-dimensional and masculine. The chronograph buttons on both sides of the crown, the small seconds at 3 o’clock, the hour dial at 9 o’clock, and the large calendar pane at 12 o’clock are perfectly integrated into the overall sporty temperament, showing the beauty of mechanical complexity.
Summary: Since its establishment in 1738, Jacques Dro has been doing everything he can to achieve self-transcendence over and over again. For these three watches alone, the charm of movement and luxurious taste have been integrated. As everyone knows, the spirit of the Olympic Movement is ‘taller, faster, stronger’. Jacques Dro is not only insisting on making every watch, but also paying tribute to the Olympic spirit.

Interpretation Of Jaeger-lecoultre Watches

Those who understand watches must be no stranger to these words: ultra-thin, diving, three questions and tourbillon. We have selected three new watches from Jaeger-LeCoultre 2011 to help you interpret the essence of men’s watches.
Jaeger-LeCoultre Grande Reverso Ultra Thin
Celebrating the 80th anniversary of the Reverso collection, the new Grande Reverso Ultra Thin has launched a revolution in minimalism. The extremely small thickness of Jaeger-LeCoultre 822 movement (only 2.94 mm) makes this Reverso watch unprecedentedly thin. Although its large case brings a thick texture to the wrist, it is still light and comfortable to wear due to its curved lines.
Jaeger-LeCoultre-Grande-Reverso-Ultra-Thin-Large Slim Watch

A simple dial with grid-like carvings, quaint and elegant Arabic numerals, and slender blue hands bring this ultra-thin watch to all the classic aesthetic elements of the Reverso collection. This new model showcases the essence of the personality of the Reverso series. It is the perfect combination of tradition and nobility, elegance and fashion.
Jaeger-LeCoultre Memovox Tribute to Deep Sea
The Memovox Deep Sea watch is the first diving watch manufactured by Jaeger-LeCoultre, and it is one of the few watches with an epoch-making significance. Jaeger-LeCoultre launched a faithful replica series of two outstanding classic dive watches in 2008, Memovox Tribute to Polaris 1965 and Memovox Tribute to Polaris 1968. Now, the top watchmaker Jaeger-LeCoultre from Vall & eacute; e de Joux has gone back in time, traced its origins and launched a replica of the 1959 Memovox Deep Sea watch, named Memovox Tribute to Deep Sea.
Jaeger-LeCoultre Memovox-Tribute-to-Deep-Sea Remastered Diving Watch

The original watch is unique in its introduction of two collections, one designed for athletes from the old continent and the other for divers from the new world. To pay tribute to its glorious watchmaking history, Jaeger-LeCoultre presents two replicas of the 1959 Memovox Deep Sea watch this year, and they are issued in limited editions, giving collectors and watches specializing in excellence in watchmaking. Get what you want.
Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso R & eacute; p & eacute; tition Minutes & agrave; Rideau Minute Repeater
Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso R & eacute; p & eacute; tition Minutes & agrave; Rideau Minute Repeater, iconic design, eye-catching new interpretations and unparalleled creative ingenuity, perfectly blended with top watchmaking technology. At the time of the 80th anniversary of the legendary Reverso watch, Jaeger-LeCoultre gave this series a new look, launching the Reverso R & eacute; p & eacute; tition Minute & agrave; Rideau Minute Repeater. The cleverly designed curtain covers the dial, and the timekeeping mechanism can be activated as soon as it is slid.
Jaeger-LeCoultre-R & socute; p & eacute; tition-Minutes- & agrave; -Rideau-Minute Repeater

Only when the curtain turned to one side, the Reverso R & eacute; p & eacute; tition Minutes & agrave; Rideau Minute Repeater watch was able to show its inner meaning. This exquisite display design is the pinnacle of unprecedented fine watchmaking culture and technology: the hour and minute hands glide past the minute repeater movement. The minute repeater movement is recognized as a state-of-the-art fine watchmaking technology, reflecting the highest standards of modern mechanical watchmaking.
Pressing the curtain to start the precise mechanical device, like magic, uses a highly complex mechanism composed of 270 parts such as gear teeth, gears and a barrel to drive the minute repeater device to produce a moving melody. This complex mechanism independently composes complex functions, making the Reverso R & eacute; p & eacute; tition Minutes & agrave; Rideau watch a masterpiece of watchmaking craftsmanship, which goes hand in hand with various traditional complex functions.

Introduction To Iwc Zidane Special Limited Edition Models

IWC Schaffhausen has launched a new special edition watch, which perfectly extends its cooperation with star Zidane. The Swiss watchmaker further praised the star player’s unique style with ‘Large Engineer Automatic Watch Zidane Limited Edition’. Zidane himself participated in the design of this watch. The watch is limited to 500 pieces worldwide.

Zidane’s remarkable achievements. Zidane was born in Marseille, France, and has Algerian Kabyl Berber pedigree. He has played for Bordeaux, Juventus and Real Madrid. He has won the title of FIFA World Footballer three times, and in 1999 won the title of athlete of the year. He has won the Golden Ball many times in the World Cup and has won the Spanish Champions League, Champions League and Intercontinental Cup: his career has witnessed the perfect team spirit and noble style, both in the arena and in Off the field.

Historiques Historical Masterpiece Aronde 1954 Watch

Follow the classic rectangular case design of the historical series, and combine bold style with novel design. Inspired by classic styles created in the post-war and peace years, this new Historiciques masterpiece series The watch is another masterpiece of the brand this year.

  Reinterpreting the classic and legendary watch design in a modern way, the Aronde 1954 watch is undoubtedly a salute to the brand’s innovative spirit and cultural heritage for more than two centuries, especially in 1954, which was crucial to the brand’s innovation and development. On the watch, we have once again experienced the essence of Vacheron Constantin’s top watch and the charm of manufacturing technology.

  The elegant elegance of the 18K 5N pink gold case is just as natural as the name Aronde (meaning ‘swallow’s wings’ in ancient French). The side of the case is designed with a creative double arched arc, which is matched with an arc. The shape of the sapphire crystal mirror, flying like wings spread. Ivory silver-plated dial with hand-engraved patterns, 18K 5N pink gold hour markers, and small seconds at 6 o’clock.

  Powered by Vacheron Constantin’s self-developed 1400 AS manual winding movement, 40-hour power reserve, 30-meter water resistance, hand-stitched crocodile leather strap, 18K 5N pink gold buckle.

Introduction To Zenith’s Flagship Love And Happy Watch

El Primeo 4021G automatic winding movement. Price: 54700 yuan
The Zenith El Primero love happy chronograph white mother-of-pearl dial with a happy design and a small heart-shaped second hand will surely impress you. The undulating Roman numerals on the dial are beautiful and charming.
In fact, when a woman asks you about Zhenli’s happiness, Blancpain’s ‘Sanhua’ or Breguet’s Queen of Naples, she may not really know how deep her watch is. It is more likely that she occasionally heard others say it, because the names of these styles are happy and romantic, so she was very impressed.
Just as women like to collect roses but don’t like to plant roses. The most important meaning of happiness and joy is to show off to others, not to own. Once they wear these watches in their hands, it seems as if they have a better grasp of life, saying ‘Happy’ and passing on the happiness. As for the meaning of these watches, you can gradually appreciate them in the years to come.

Watches Have Long Been Crazy About Their Straps. What Are You Waiting For?

Everyone will change the trick, and each one is clever. Watch wear style is also, some people wear clothes, occasions, some people specifically choose blue, green, yellow, red and other bright color styles, are all ways to show their own aesthetic and personality. But recently another wave of new fun watches has emerged: renewing the watch with a strap. In recent years, the rise of sports and the retro trend, many brands have launched these two styles of watches in their entry series, or a retro sports watch combining the two, because everyone thinks that the watch is no longer so Serious, it is no longer only a ‘treasure’ that is usually put on the shelf and occasionally taken out on major occasions, but transformed into a jewelry that reflects self style and personality in daily wear, but must also satisfy users’ daily wear Performance requirements, so the design is more versatile than formal watches, sports watches and replica watches have become the new favorite of consumers. Since you want to be versatile and have your own personality, you ca n’t make any changes to the watch you have already bought (unless you have to spend a lot of money to modify it, but remember that the original warranty is also invalid after the modification), then the fastest way is of course It’s about thinking about the strap. In order to provide more styling changes, most of the brands that have launched retro and sports watches in recent years are very generous buy one get one free. In addition to the original strap (steel belt or belt), a NATO fabric strap is included to meet different styles. And the diversity of occasions to wear. The replacement of various strap styles has been a “mini-game” for many years. In fact, there are a lot of people who are keen to play with the strap on Ins. It is like wearing a watch everyday when replacing the strap. Take it, not only with the seasons, but also with your favorite strap, you can wear a new look for the watch, and sometimes you will have the joy of wearing a new watch. In my personal choice, a leather strap or a NATO strap is the easiest and most abundant choice. There are thousands of choices for the combination of colors, styles, materials and even details to the color of stitching. Definitely can satisfy your playful heart, as long as you are willing to try boldly, you can match it with your own style. However, if it is to be replaced with a steel belt, there are relatively few options. The five- or three-section chain belt design is common in the market. The design and changes are similar. The obvious differences are in the details of polishing and buckle You can adjust the length or wear it. If you are still used to wearing a stainless steel strap, but you want to wear a special style, then Milan steel belt is a great choice. (left): Certina DS-1 Himalayan series 80-hour long-powered watch, (right): Certina DS PH200M replica watch, a strap made of hard metal in woven form, Called the Milanese strap (milanese or Mesh strap), it was born in the 1960s. Because it was extremely expensive to manufacture, it was mostly used for precious gold watches at that time. The reason for the high price is that in order to achieve the soft effect of conforming to the wrist, the bracelet is composed of many small parts interlaced with each other. Since the processing technology at that time was not mature today, the difficulty of its production can be imagined. And with the return of the retro trend, this kind of strap that once faded out of the market has returned to the public’s vision, and it has become a fashion representative of this trend of steel belt styles. With the return of the retro trend, the Milan stainless steel strap that once faded out of the market and returned to the public’s vision, has become a fashion representative of this trend in the steel belt style. I have previously recommended a hard-to-find Certina DS PH200m replica watch, and launched a new model equipped with a stainless steel Milan strap (previously with a brown leather strap) less than a year after its launch. The custom also presented a gray-blue NATO woven strap, the same watch, showing two distinct styles under the setting of two different straps. The belt section exudes a youthful sense of handsomeness, while the stainless steel Milan belt uses delicate metal weaving patterns and polishing to show the exquisite texture of elegant men. The same thing is that both still maintain the original Fashion retro style. Certina DS PH200m replica watch Milan steel strap and leather strap each show a different retro look. On the details of this Milanese stainless steel strap, you can see the brand’s requirements for details. All parts constituting the main body of the strap are polished and polished, and there are detachable links at the butterfly chain where the bracelet is connected. Adjust with the wrist of the wearer. After being worn in person, the softness of the strap and the affinity with the skin can be said to be extremely comfortable. The combination with the watch itself also makes the DS PH200m replica watch present a completely different feeling. In addition, the strap is a quick-release type structure. With the help of a small button on the ear, the strap can be replaced without any tools, and the convenience is one level higher. For those who like to play with the strap style , Can be said to be the perfect match. In terms of performance, the DS PH200M still maintains its solid and powerful functions. The movement is equipped with a Powermatc 80 movement with up to 80 hours of dynamic storage. Even if the watch is left for two or three days, it still runs as usual. It is also one of the basic conditions necessary for modern movements. The DS in the model name is Certina’s original Double Security double insurance system in 1959. With the movement’s shock-resistant suspension system, strengthened case, sapphire crystal glass, special crown and case back The structure of the watch enhances the water resistance and shock resistance of the watch, and is also a major contributor to its water resistance of 200 meters. And with a Milanese steel bracelet with a higher texture, this watch still maintains the same price of 5,750 yuan as the belt model. The brand’s full sincerity can be said to be moving. tears. Certina DS PH200m replica watch, stainless steel / diameter 42.8mm / Powermatic 80 automatic movement / reservoir 80 hours, hours, minutes, seconds, date display / water resistance 200 meters / stainless steel Milan bracelet, reference price: In addition to the DS PH200m replica watch, Certina has also paired this Milanese stainless steel strap with two other watches, one of which is a simple and elegant DS-1 Himalayan series with 80 hours of power. The watch is also equipped with the Powermatic 80 movement. White sunburst dial with blue hands and silver cone-shaped hour markers. The overall style is more formal, but under the Milan belt, it also reveals a small and fresh retro feel. This watch has a diameter of 40 mm and is priced at 5,600 yuan, with a cigarette attached. The brown quick-release leather strap can be replaced. Certina DS-1 Himalayan 80-hour long-powered watch, stainless steel / 42mm diameter / Powermatic 80 automatic movement / reservoir 80 hours, hours, minutes, seconds, date display / waterproof 100 meters / stainless steel Milan bracelet, Reference price: RMB 5,600 This last watch is a commemorative style Certina Big Date watch launched by the brand for the 60th anniversary of the DS double insurance technology developed by the watch factory. The biggest feature of is its eye-catching The gradual green dial, which is also equipped with a large calendar function, is a rare and bold work of Certina. However, this design style and the Milanese chain are surprisingly amazing. The strong contrasting tones make this watch’s face value very addictive. Not only is the appearance striking, the 80 movement inside is also equipped with the new NivachronTM anti-magnetic balance spring released by the Swatch Group at the beginning of the year, first seen on the Swatch flymagic watch (I was also invited to the Swatch headquarters as the first media to visit the world at that time-), This hairspring is made of a special alloy, which contains a titanium-based component, which has excellent antimagnetic properties and can magnetic The negative effect of the effect is reduced by more than 10 times, and the stability of the movement at extreme temperatures can be improved. In addition, it has better impact resistance than traditional hairsprings and has lower manufacturing costs than silicon hairsprings. Even with this new structure, the price of this watch is still extremely friendly, and the price is 6,950 yuan. Certina Big Date watch, stainless steel / 41mm diameter / Powermatic 80 automatic movement / reservoir 80 hours, hours, minutes, seconds, large calendar display / waterproof 100 meters / stainless steel Milan bracelet, reference price: RMB 6,950 In today’s world, the meaning of wearing a watch has long exceeded the basic function of looking at time. It is more important to show the self-style and the aesthetic requirements of the watch. Aesthetics is extremely subjective. When you choose a beloved watch, but want to avoid the embarrassment of hitting the watch with others, and even want to highlight the distinctiveness of the watch, then boldly try the combination of various straps! The aesthetic practice lies in continuous digging and trying. With a small budget, you can play a new style and new look for your watch, and at the same time enjoy the joy of having a new standard. Why not? How about it? Special thanks / Photography: Summer Hsia Weibo: SUMMER-HSIA

Sincerity Glashütte Original New 36 Mp Excellence Watch

If you talk about the highlights of the Baselworld 2016, Glashütte’s original Cal. 36 automatic winding movement is definitely an inevitable topic. Not only that, the latest Cal. 36 movement also added a new Glashütte original certification system. The entire watch is tested for 24 days before leaving the factory to meet the stability and running time. And high standards of aesthetics.

   The new Cal.36 movement is currently only available on the Senator Excellence watch series, and only three watches. The material is two steel and one rose gold, and one of the two steel dials uses a large area of ​​luminous material to indicate the time. This is relatively rare in Glashütte original watches. Model: 1-36-01-03 -02-01.

40 mm stainless steel case with clear dial layout

   40 mm stainless steel case, dial design reminiscent of Glashütte’s original classic watch. Black dial and beautifully curved Arabic numerals. In order to maintain the unified integrity of the dial, there is no date display window that every brand is willing to add to the three-pin structure.

Fine case details

   The processing details of the details can be seen at the crown, and the sense of hierarchy is strong. Made of stainless steel with zigzag sides, the crown is polished and engraved with Glashütte’s original double G logo, and the edges are smooth.

Very textured calfskin strap

   The black calfskin strap, with brown hand stitching, has excellent texture and feel, and has a more vicissitudes of life than the alligator strap.

German watchmaking never pursues ultra-thin case, but also pursues solid quality

   The thickness of the case is 10 mm, which can meet the needs of most people for the thickness and quality of the case. Similarly, a 10-mm-thick case has a three-layer structure on the side. The bezel is polished and the side of the case is brushed to a certain extent, which can cover some minor scratches caused by wearing.

Not small lugs

    The micro-arc lugs are also polished in two different ways, front polished and side brushed.

Pin buckle is safer to wear and not easy to fall off

    The double-G logo polished stainless steel pin buckle is more suitable for matching with a calfskin strap than a folding buckle.

The use of a lot of luminous materials makes it easier to read at night
   The black dial with curvilinear Arabic numerals, the white orbiting minute ring on the outside and the 5-minute hour markers are legible. And the large area of ​​Super-LumiNova’s luminous material on the time scale ensures the best legibility even in poorly lit environments.
   The diamond-shaped white gold hands and the arrow-shaped top of the slender seconds hand are coated with Super-LumiNova, which guarantees sharpness in the dark.

New self-made Cal.36 automatic movement

   The new Cal.36 movement is a full application of new technology under the German watchmaking tradition. It basically comes up with the highest configuration currently in the design of automatic movements, a precious metal automatic oscillating weight, a 100-hour power reserve and a card-free silicon clutch. vertical. Adopting the case connection method, the movement is screwed in and the case is locked to ensure stable and reliable fixing, similar to the lens fixing method of SLR cameras.
   The Cal.36 movement uses a single barrel, a central 4-wheel layout, and a fine adjustment balance without screws, while retaining the gooseneck fine adjustment. In terms of hairsprings, it should be from the needs of the group’s internal procurement. Glashütte Original has always used the Swatch Group’s NIVAROX hairspring, which is the 5% of Glashütte original parts’ independent productivity reaching 95%. Nivarox currently has 164 patent applications for silicon escapements. Silicon hairsprings can be manufactured in batches with high precision through the etching method of integrated circuit production, and silicon hairsprings have the characteristics of light density, corrosion resistance, and magnetic resistance.

   In order to let everyone know more about this watch, the watch house also used a professional instrument to conduct a 6-position test on this watch (slightly regrettable that the tested model is not for sale).

The test results of passing WITSCHI Watch Expert III are as follows:

   Summary: Under the premise that the market environment is so bad, Glashütte Original can launch a new self-produced Cal.36 automatic movement, which is full of determination. As for whether it can replace the previous Cal.39 movement, in my opinion, the Cal.36 movement is positioned higher than the Cal.39 movement in all aspects and has excellent hardware quality. Looking forward to its performance after a large number of listings. Domestic price of this watch: 69,500 RMB.