Women’s Luxury High Jewelry Watch Inventory

Experts comment on Chen Yuning: ‘The old jewellery family Harry Winston is famous in the watch industry for the Opus series, relying on always avant-garde design and superb technology. Wear it as a necklace pendant or brooch, the design returns to tradition, and the technology is equally exquisite, perfectly combined with Harry Winston’s own Cluster jewelry inlay and feather craftsmanship, elegant and charming, noble. ‘Harry Winston Ultimate Adornment timepiece (Harry Winston Ultimate Adornment Timepiece)
Luxury is endless, this sentence has been verified in the field of high-end watches. 90% of the horrifying price lists are constantly coming from gorgeous watches set with diamonds. However, luxury doesn’t just mean money, it also praises the outstanding craftsmanship and creative design that create luxury.
The UltimateAdornment peacock jewellery timepiece by super jewellery brand Harry Winston. This beautiful jewellery masterpiece is made of a necklace watch and a detachable brooch (also can be used as a pendant). , Can be removed according to different occasions, each choice can show the wearer’s elegant temperament.
Harry Winston’s workshop inherits the ‘Cluster’ style introduced by founder Harry Winston-the famous three-dimensional three-dimensional mosaic technology, with its ingenious design to reflect the beauty of diamonds, the peacock feathers and the ingenious combination of diamonds, novel Elegant and soft, it shows extraordinary craftsmanship. The feathers are light and the diamonds are hard. This difficult setting technique is the successful performance of the brand’s innovative and aggressive.
Harry Winston is known as the “King of Diamonds”, and the selection criteria for gemstone materials are very high. His fancy cutting technology is superb. He is willing to find the most suitable cutting shape for each diamond to ensure that the diamond shines the most. Perfect light, superb diamond setting method maintains the original color of the diamond, and presents the most natural and pure side of the diamond. The Ultimate timepiece is set with 191 diamonds, which gently fits the skin of the neck, shining thousands of charming rays, showing the brand’s luxurious style. Among them, the drop-shaped case is inlaid with 16 marquise-shaped diamonds, 1 pear-shaped diamond, and 42 brilliant-cut diamonds. The dial with peacock feathers exudes a charming and bright rainbow. The diamonds of different shapes are arranged in an orderly manner, forming a unique and harmonious asymmetric beauty, which makes people unable to shift their sights. It is like a peacock displaying an elegant posture on the screen; it consists of 26 marquise-shaped diamonds, 5 pear-shaped diamonds, and 10 The rotating brooch inlaid with brilliant-cut diamonds interprets the colorful charm of the soul in a dynamic and static posture. Stunning is the inlaying process of feathers. The addition of this element dilutes the diamond’s weight and reflects the silent flow of time with a gentle step. Eye-catching Graff MasterGraff DiamondMinute Repeater Graff MasterGraff DiamondMinute Repeater
MasterGraff Minute Repeater Tourbillon watch is equipped with two sophisticated and complex clock functions, with its masculine case design, stylish and elegant shape, revealing the unique and distinguished temperament of Graff watch. This watch is set with a total of 30 carats of luxury diamonds and decorated with the brand’s signature diamond faceted bezel, which illustrates the perfect combination of excellent watchmaking craftsmanship and jewellery design. The wearer only needs to push the slider for the minute repeater on the side of the table upwards to start the minute repeater. The movement of the flying tourbillon can be clearly seen through the round hole of the small seconds disc at 6 o’clock. The eye-catching appearance and the sound of the time signal are even more icing on the cake.
Gorgeous Diamond Flower Breguet Crazy Flower
腕表 This watch combines the beauty of diamonds with the exquisite skills of Mobile inlay. Breguet successfully introduced gem setting technology to a whole new field, redefining elegance and beauty.
206 brilliant-cut diamonds are set upside-down on the dish-shaped face plate, and the edge of the face plate is set with 66 brilliant-cut beautiful diamonds. 20 square diamonds form the hour dial circle. The hand-made blue steel hands perfectly fit The arc of the disk, so exquisite and luxurious, is amazing. The bracelet is set with 120 square diamonds, making the whole more flawless.
Each time the wearer moves gently, the 193 movable inlaid square diamonds on the case dance like a flower in the wind, and the beauty of its posture is beyond words. Over 76 carats of beautiful diamonds are clustered into an extremely gorgeous flower, proudly showing Breguet’s strong posture in jewelry setting technology. Hublot $ 5 Million-Hublot
Diamonds are always associated with women, and this watch launched by Hublot has successfully attracted the attention of men all over the world: carefully selected 1,282 square diamonds, which have been carefully carved by 12 cutters for 7 months. With the intricate setting of 5 inlaid divisions, a masculine diamond collection with a masculine atmosphere is completed. Adhering to the brand of ‘integrated innovation’, Hublot goes beyond the traditional principle of ’emphasis and set off existing gemstones’ from design to processing, and does the opposite-involving diamond cutters in the initial design stage. It makes the world’s hardest substance, diamond, 100% match the complex design of the case, dial and strap, and presents perfect curvature and extreme beauty. At this year’s Basel Watch & Jewellery Show, I was fortunate enough to see the Hublot “Famous Owner” Hublot for $ 5 million-it is said that it was ordered the next day, which shows its popularity.
Art on the wrist Cartier Promenade D’ une Panthère Cartier
The elegant jaguar is Cartier’s legendary symbol, playing a totem-like role in Cartier’s brand history. With a cheetah motif as its theme, this watch is bold and poetic, embodying Cartier’s outstanding watchmaking craftsmanship and poetic romance.
修 The slender lying leopard is covered with crystal round diamonds. The head of the leopard is directly above 12 o’clock. The carved leopard eyes carved by emeralds are very agile, with infinite energy and powerful aura in the laziness. The silver-plated sunray-patterned dial with silver-white silk strap reveals the feminine elegance and mystery of the woman. When you walk precisely, the luxurious art is frozen in the wrist, releasing the supreme charm of the wrist.